How to Start a Garden

Starting a garden can sound like a daunting task- but there are certain tips and tricks that will help you plant a garden and keep it healthy and alive for years to come! Here are some helpful answers to the most common questions people ask when starting a garden:

How much does it cost to start a garden?

The cost to start a garden will depend on what type of garden you’re building and what materials you want to use. If you are looking to start gardening as a hobby, you can start a reliable flower or vegetable garden for 50-100$, or even less if you’re using recycled materials. The main costs are seeds, soil, and containers- however, there are always options that vary in price!

What month should you start a garden?

The best time to plant your garden, especially if it is a flower garden, is in the mid-spring. Around mid-October to November is when the soil is beginning to warm up and is the best time to encourage seeds to take root and grow. You can also lookup the specific plants you want to grow in your garden to see if there are different planting times.

What is the most popular flower in Australia?

The most popular flower in Australia is, unsurprisingly, also the national flower, the golden wattle. These flowers are special because they grow quite quickly and adapt very well to different environments, making them an excellent flower for beginners to grow in their gardens! There are also different varieties of the wattle that come in many different colors; which can be planted to make beautiful and attractive displays in your garden.

How do I keep my garden healthy?

There are many ways to help keep your garden healthy; but important things to remember are; regular watering schedules (early morning is best), keeping soil nutritious (you can use compost to help this!), and keeping an eye on bugs that might be harming your plants. A healthy garden is also one that is tended to regularly, make sure you’re checking up on your plants often!

How do I keep my garden alive?

Keeping your garden alive can seem complicated at first, but there are definitely simple things you can do to keep it going. Using the correct fertilizer and ensuring your garden is free of weeds are two of the best ways to make sure your plants will have enough space and nutrients to grow. It might also be helpful to surround your plants in mulch; this prevents invasive species from growing and keeps the moisture in towards the plant so it will get more water.

How can I make my garden more environmentally friendly?

Gardens can be an excellent way to recycle materials and produce things that you would otherwise buy, not to mention creating a more eco-friendly space! One example is that you can use compost to help feed your garden, reducing a significant amount of household waste. Also, water your plants by hand rather than using automatic sprinklers; this will cut down on water usage and prevent wasting fresh water.

Iris Flower

Where do Irises grow best?

It would be a lot better when the sun is out as that is when they would grow into full bloom. In addition, better to put them in a bed that is on their own. It would also be best to plant it when summer is about to end or when autumn is about to start as you know the weather will be just right at that time.

Does Iris come back every year?

As long as they are taken good care of then they will come back. However, after two to four years, they will become a bit crowded.

Do irises prefer sun or shade?

Irises need to be under the sun for at least six hours per day. There will be times when they will be under the shade when it is a season that is not sunny.

What does an iris flower symbolize?

It symbolizes faith and wisdom. There is a good reason why spiritual people grow a lot of Iris flowers in their gardens. It also symbolizes courage as you will feel motivated when you have these flowers in your yard.

What does Iris mean spiritually?

Iris can mean rebirth and putting it in your garden can mean that you want to have a spiritual connection with all the other people living in the neighborhood even though that is a lot easier said than done.

What does Iris mean in the Bible?

It means hope and wisdom and it won’t be long before these flowers mean a lot of good traits. Flowers are often used in the bible in order to depict good meanings for people looking to shine.

What was Jesus’ favorite flower?

The Lily even though it was believed that he likes to have a lemon squirt put to his face every time he goes to bed. Jesus is usually not biased when it comes to having a favorite flower. He loves them all the same. If he does have a favorite then it would be because he likes to smell it often.

Is Iris mentioned in the Bible?

Iris is not mentioned in the bible but there are a lot of flowers that are given their hebrew names when they were named either in the Old Testament or the New Testament.

What does the name Iris mean for a girl?

Iris means rainbow which is why it is mainly a feminine name. Some use it as part of a girl having two or even three names due to how short it is. Yes, there is that rare instance when a girl is named Mary Iris or even Stephanie Iris.

Is Iris a rare name?

Iris is actually not a rare name as there are a lot of girls who are named Iris all over the world. There are certainly some countries that have more girls named Iris like in the Philippines. It is a bit common there as you will certainly meet quite a few girls whose name is Iris. If not, you will meet some people who have Iris friends.

What is a nickname for Iris?

Izzy is a common nickname for Iris even though some people know that it means rainbow so some people would prefer Rain or Riri as a nickname for Iris. Of course, not everyone knows that it means rainbow and Iris is short enough to not warrant a nickname.

Iris Flower: Varieties to Grow and How to Care for Them

The flower would need your undivided attention so there should never be a time when you will end up forgetting about them as that would be a big mistake that you will certainly regret. There are many varieties to grow including Japanese and Dutch and they all look great. When you check out what they look like, you would be curious to put one of your own as they need to be in the dry condition during the cold season.

Iris Growing Tips

One thing to remember would be to not make it a bit too deep. When it comes to reblooming, you can never really be sure about anything. Yes, it is as unpredictable as it comes so better be prepared for the unexpected.

Community Gardens

The Role of Community Gardens in Sustaining Healthy Communities

It enhances the social well-being of the community gardeners since you would observe that you will make a ton of new friends with people who like doing the same thing and that is to take care of the environment especially the natural resources that we have. It also increases physical well-being as gardening is a great form of exercise when it makes you sweat so better bring an extra shirt.

What does it take to start a community garden?

You will certainly need to have all the basic gardening tools in order to have the means to make food and other vegetables in the community gardens. Other than that, it would be better for it to have a Facebook group so that is where people can interact when you are all far away from each other. That will also be where you will place all the announcements concerning the community gardens so you will know when the next gardening activity would be. It is lonely to do it alone and it would be better to do it with a lot of people who know how to mind their own business.

How do community gardens benefit communities?

Communities will grow and the environment will benefit a lot since it will reduce the number of vehicles that will travel. Besides, you are making your own food in your garden so there would be no need to go to the nearest restaurant or grocery just to get some vegetables. At the same time, you are sweating while out in the sun so you are burning calories in the process. It also increases the number of habitats for animals as that would be good for them so they would have somewhere to live in.

How can you make a community garden sustainable?

The first is to use recycled materials and in a garden, there will be loads of opportunity to do that. Second is to only use locally sourced materials so that you are supporting local communities with what you are doing. Third would be to a way to educate the young people which is great because they would be educated at such a young age. They would take that education and apply it at the right time when they grow up.

How does a community garden work?

It is a garden where anyone can come in and try to grow fruits and other types of food. It won’t be long before you will be able to meet new people and grow your group of friends. It would always feel great to meet like-minded people and you can hang out after gardening in order to share with each other what your views in life are.

Why is it important to support small farms and urban community gardens?

It is what they do for a living so buying from them means you are supporting the future of their families. It would be a lot better than going for big companies.