About Our Garden

Our Vision
Middle TN iris society is a supportive environment. It is a place where people come together to grow fresh food, to learn, relax and make new friends in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment, with a focus on organic and sustainable production.
Middle TN iris society will be a place where the wider Middle TN iris society community can meet, encouraging valuable social roles for the diversification of people within our wider community. Through the use of the universal understanding of nature and gardening to transverse the barriers of generations and culture, Middle TN iris society will be an inclusive environment where knowledge is valued and shared by all.


Our Aims
    ▪    To be a self-funded and productive community enterprise.
    ▪    The garden will provide a safe place where people can learn from each other, seek self-sufficiency, build community spirit and a shared purpose.
    ▪    Be a cohesive group of community members who preserve, enhance and promote the Middle TN iris society.
    ▪    Provide a safe space in the community where there is creativity, community spirit, pride, and inclusion of all community members.
    ▪    To educate and promote the community to grow fruit and vegetables and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.
    ▪    To raise awareness about issues of current conventional food production and sustainability for members of the public.
    ▪    A family-friendly place that is socially inclusive for all people including those with varying abilities and culturally diverse backgrounds.

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Our products

Florentine Silk
Orinoco Flow”
Yellow Spoon