Community Gardens

The Role of Community Gardens in Sustaining Healthy Communities

It enhances the social well-being of the community gardeners since you would observe that you will make a ton of new friends with people who like doing the same thing and that is to take care of the environment especially the natural resources that we have. It also increases physical well-being as gardening is a great form of exercise when it makes you sweat so better bring an extra shirt.

What does it take to start a community garden?

You will certainly need to have all the basic gardening tools in order to have the means to make food and other vegetables in the community gardens. Other than that, it would be better for it to have a Facebook group so that is where people can interact when you are all far away from each other. That will also be where you will place all the announcements concerning the community gardens so you will know when the next gardening activity would be. It is lonely to do it alone and it would be better to do it with a lot of people who know how to mind their own business.

How do community gardens benefit communities?

Communities will grow and the environment will benefit a lot since it will reduce the number of vehicles that will travel. Besides, you are making your own food in your garden so there would be no need to go to the nearest restaurant or grocery just to get some vegetables. At the same time, you are sweating while out in the sun so you are burning calories in the process. It also increases the number of habitats for animals as that would be good for them so they would have somewhere to live in.

How can you make a community garden sustainable?

The first is to use recycled materials and in a garden, there will be loads of opportunity to do that. Second is to only use locally sourced materials so that you are supporting local communities with what you are doing. Third would be to a way to educate the young people which is great because they would be educated at such a young age. They would take that education and apply it at the right time when they grow up.

How does a community garden work?

It is a garden where anyone can come in and try to grow fruits and other types of food. It won’t be long before you will be able to meet new people and grow your group of friends. It would always feel great to meet like-minded people and you can hang out after gardening in order to share with each other what your views in life are.

Why is it important to support small farms and urban community gardens?

It is what they do for a living so buying from them means you are supporting the future of their families. It would be a lot better than going for big companies.

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